Thursday, April 17, 2014

Church Picnic || Cornwall Park

March 1st saw a number of people from church gather at Cornwall Park for the day. Hooray for having too much gear to fit in one vehicle; a good drive by oneself is always good. ;)

We enjoyed a picnic lunch of filled rolls and bacon and egg pie (someone remind me to put curry or something in the pies next time, okay?) and set up volleyball and swingball.

Don't you just love our net? Initially they'd tried slinging blankets over the rope between the trees, but found it was difficult to play when the ball kept disappearing on the other side of the blanket. [smile] Occasionally the ball got caught in the tree but for the most part this was a great makeshift net!

Lunch. And the barbies are ready for dinner :)

Swingball: Amelia, Keith, Megan
During the arvo more sports were played and many of us walked up the hill (some more directly than others lol). While we were walking up we found a really steep patch (the path was next to it but hey . . .) so think: "Run up, slip, slide down." Haha.

People often use these rocks to write things. Here our group made F.P.C. (Free Presbyterian Church)
We finished the day with a barbecue dinner and group worship, by which time it certainly didn't feel like summer any more. :P 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Folded Page

Are you looking for quality Christian literature for your children?

Look no further - my aunty recently launched a web-based business selling Christian children's books!

Browse available titles at The Folded Page or see the company's Facebook page.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 on 10

So perhaps it's more usual to start a project like this in January, but hey. Beginning today, I'm going to post ten random photos on the tenth of each month: the shots will all be taken the day before. Granted I don't have my dream camera or anything, but this is a small and easy project to improve my photography. Leave me a comment telling me your favourites!

: : Gotta love selfies! : :
Perhaps there's another reason for this shot. Notice anything different?
After having braces for more than 4 1/2 years, I got them off yesterday!
See my post about when I got them on! Wow I looked different back then. :P

: : Love how these lines came out! : :

: : Vivid colour on a fairly dull, textured background : :

: : Yes, I love flowers : :
: : Umm, yes. I think you've seen Snowbell before !: :

: : Ladder for the bunks that {one day} will go in our room : :

: : Smile!! : :
: : Yummy! : :

: : And I love coffee too . . . : :

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Danielle's Birthday {11yrs}

Here's a photo recap of our family "gift-giving session" for Danielle's birthday:

Each of us down to Diana has one assigned night per week to cook dinner;
hence cookbooks have made it to our gift lists. :)

It may be Danielle's birthday, but the presents intrigue several children.

Random . . .
Happy Birthday, Danielle!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Wellington Adventure! || Part 2

Click here to read part 1.

On Tuesday, Aunty Melissa had to get someone a birthday present (#scoreforme) so we hit a couple of shops after dropping Nana at her friend's place, then headed to a bowling alley for some fun.

A few more shops and a grocery trip later, we headed home for a few hours. Then out to a barbecue dinner, where I met lots of new people [and didn't take any photos]. 

Aunty Melissa, Olivia, and I made for the mall on Wednesday morning for a few hours shopping. (For some reason Harry didn't think that sounded very exciting, so we left him at home with Nana.) I tried on several things, but ended up settling with just a couple of bracelets (yeah, I can be great at window shopping ;)). Oh yeah, and the coffee was good! :)

Later we picked Uncle Bill up from work and went to the Fisherman's Table for dinner. 

Group photo :)

Cousins: Olivia and Harry
After that it was straight to the airport for my short flight home. *sigh*

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