Saturday, September 05, 2009


Hey everyone,

I do trampolining/tumbling with the homeschool group once a week on a Tuesday for six weeks in the middle of the school term, anyway, for tramp I am working on Blue Badge, the second badge which is:
Seat drop
half twist to seat drop
to stand
piked straddle jump (or something)
half twist to front drop, etc, etc.

At home Danielle (6) can do Red Badge, the first one; which is:

Seat drop
tuck jump
hands and knees drop,
pike jump
half twist jump
piked straddle jump
seat drop half twist to stand.

Which I did last term.... I feel soooooooo clever!! (not) :-)

We have to sit and exam at the end of the fourth term (or somewhere near there). I am hoping to do Green Badge for that (third badge) which is pretty much the same as Blue, with a front tuck flip at the end.

And for Tumbling i think i am doing blue badge, which i have to be able to do something like cartwheel-handstand-cartwheel, which is ssssssssoooooooooooooo anoying because i can't do either. :-( I can never get my legs to go straight up...

Oh well,

See ya next time,

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