Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ron Keat Ribbon day

Hey everyone,

Today we went to the (Athletics) Ron Keat Ribbon day in Papakura. It started at 12 midday, and finished at 4:30pm.
At ribbon days you can do almost all events - missing the longest races. (2000m and 3000m).

I decided not to do, or missed everything except the 400m sprint. I think there was four of us racing, so I was given a ribbon with no placing on it. I think it was for trying, because I only just made it to the finish line - i started too fast, so didn't have the energy at the end.

Diana (4) ran 30m, 60m, and 70 or 75m. In the 30 and 60 she didn't start straight away, I don't think she realised she had to go when she heard the gun!
But in the 70/75m she started when she was supposed to and came 2nd!!


With her 2nd place ribbon

We enjoyed the day - finished with ice creams!!, but not so much the sore faces from sunburn! (I didn't bother putting any sunscrean on, thinking that it wasn't hot enough to get burnt).

Now we get fish and chips for dinner, and probably will have to do all the chores and grocery shopping after dinner!



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