Friday, August 12, 2011

Dargaville - Tuesday 19th April

Written 27/4/11

I didn't sleep very well Monday night - for various reasons, one of which was that Diana was just about lying on top of me... So after getting up late we headed down to the main street in Dargaville, and went for a walk, and through some of the shops. Despite Danielle's new umbrella being clear plastic with purple spots, she was still nicknamed "Mary Poppins." I picked up a USB Socket charger (so I can charge my Mp3 player in the car), Mum got teaspoons because they don't have any here at the camp. And Mum went to the Hospice and looked at cheap clothing - $1 items, then Dad came in and looked at two fax machines because we'd been having trouble with the one at work, tried one of them (which turned out to be missing an ink cartridge), and bought the other one - a few days later he went back to buy the first one!

We walked down to Westpac Dargaville, as Mum had some banking to do. Because it was a new store - it had opened the day before - they had a REALLY nice chocolate cake that we all had a piece of, and they were giving out easter eggs and small bags of Maltesers.
While we were walking back to the van, Dad decided he should past the fax machine down to Uncle Pete who was running the business while we were away. As a side note, Dad posted it around 5pm - possibly after - and it arrived at work before lunch the next day!

After another trip to Woolworths we went back to our accommodation where Mum made rice, mixed veggies and bacon for dinner.
We then finished the day with a few games of "Uno," fudge and marshmallow eggs.


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