Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dargaville - Sunday 24th April

Hi again everyone...=)

Mum played a sermon (on a cassette tape) around midday, then we had lunch (er, brunch for me!) and started our chocolate bunnies (Yes I know they're supposed to be for young children..but I still like them!).
Later on we went for a REALLY long walk. Actually most of us weren't so excited about that (random, I know!) We started picking flowers and putting them in the girls hair (not mine! haha). Here are a couple, er, few  pics:

The girls were calling themselces 'flower girls,' and wanted to know when the wedding is, Uncle Pete? lol! =D

The End...

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  1. hey you so need to do somthing more interesting. and something from this month not april!!!!!!!