Friday, December 14, 2012

Glenbrook Vintage Railway

: : Uncle Paul, Aunty Yvonne, and granddaughter Madisyn : :
One Saturday last month we went to Glenbrook Vintage Railway's "Thomas the Tank Engine Day."

I drove the car, with Mum following us in the van; she stayed close for a while, then not long after getting on the motorway I lost sight of her, but noticed a vehicle had pulled to the left. Sure enough (just as we passed the Papakura off-ramp) Dad's phone rung. She had a flat tyre and we needed to turn around. Off at Drury, back on in the opposite direction, turn around again at Manurewa, then found Mum. Not so great for getting somewhere asap, but the extra driving time looks quite nice on my driving log. haha 
: : Danielle, Abby, Megan : :

In the words of Bryce (4 years):

"We had a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine. We went to Glenbrook Vintage Railway. We had afternoon tea with the de Bruins and lunch on our own. 

I wanted to go on the tiny [train] that couldn't go anywhere - almost like Thomas the Tank Engine. We were standing up outside in the carriage and the train went back and forwards, and make noise.

: : Rita and Monique : :
In the big train where w were sitting down, there was a girl crying because she wanted to go to sleep but she didn't want to, that's why she started crying. I was sitting with Bianca one way, and with Mum and Dad and Megan on the other way (and Maria and Laura) - I think Laura.

We went to the trains shed we saw trains, and Dad took me on the train and I have got a photo of that. You [Mum] took it. And one way, there was a step thing and I got up myself and choosed a seat with Bianca. And Aunty Yvonne helped me down, she was being very kind. I got a ticket, but the man didn't clip it - he skipped me.

: : Bryce : :
I saw the Fat Controller and we took photos, but I didnt sit with him. I played on the playground, but the de Bruins had to leave. I like that day, I would like to go back again."

: : Phone box : :

: : Laura : :

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