Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Coromandel Holiday ~ Day 1 ~ Monday

On Monday February 11th, our scheduled day of departure, we still had shopping and a lot of packing to do; Dad worked a half-day. After last-minute trips to the library and gas station, we eventually left around 5:10 with Dad taking the van and towing the trailer, and Mum as my driving supervisor in the car. Driving the motorway was slow, but uneventful. We had been on the open road for a while when we noticed Dad’s hazard lights and indicator on; the fridge balanced on a small platform at the front of the trailer had tilted to one side. It was secured with more ropes and we were off again. This time we continued until we came to a picnic site by the water, where everyone got out to stretch his legs.

After another hour of driving – this time on narrow, windy roads through the bush – we arrived at our campsite, just before dark. Trying to make dinner in the dark, when no one seems to know where anything is packed, and several others are trying to erect a tent can be interesting. We had planned on having an electric frying pan and the gas stove to cook on, but apparently nothing else could be plugged in with the light that was being used by those setting up the tent, so we managed with just the gas stove. It took a while though; we ate around 11pm!

Monique had a seizure before Mum and Dad went to bed, but otherwise we all slept like logs.

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