Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Camping Trip to Mototapu Island

My dad and three of my siblings went with some other people from church on a tramping trip for two nights to Mototapu Island {to welcome in the new year?}. We took them to the ferry terminal on the morning of Thursday, January 2nd, for their trip to Rangitoto Island. At low tide it is possible to walk between the islands, which is what they did. It was meant to be a three-hour walk but took them five hours! I don't think any of them have written anything about it yet, but here are some photos from Monique's camera.
Umm yeah, that's only for four people and they had to carry everything. !!

Leaving . . .

Great views by the looks of things!

A rest

Campsite down below

Wow tidy campers! :P haha


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    1. Yeah! So long as you don't have to carry everything :P Oh, and wifi is always great ;) haha