Saturday, April 05, 2014

Wellington Adventure! || Part 2

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On Tuesday, Aunty Melissa had to get someone a birthday present (#scoreforme) so we hit a couple of shops after dropping Nana at her friend's place, then headed to a bowling alley for some fun.

A few more shops and a grocery trip later, we headed home for a few hours. Then out to a barbecue dinner, where I met lots of new people [and didn't take any photos]. 

Aunty Melissa, Olivia, and I made for the mall on Wednesday morning for a few hours shopping. (For some reason Harry didn't think that sounded very exciting, so we left him at home with Nana.) I tried on several things, but ended up settling with just a couple of bracelets (yeah, I can be great at window shopping ;)). Oh yeah, and the coffee was good! :)

Later we picked Uncle Bill up from work and went to the Fisherman's Table for dinner. 

Group photo :)

Cousins: Olivia and Harry
After that it was straight to the airport for my short flight home. *sigh*

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