Thursday, July 24, 2014

Concert @ Bethesda Resthome

Although not something we have done a lot of, historically, performance is an important aspect of music education. Along with the Campbells (who teach Jarrod and Monique violin), and my recorder students, we concluded term 2 with a concert at Bethesda Resthome in Manukau.

: : Opening with Amazing Grace : :

: : Violin Duets : :
Allegro Andante by John Stanley on my flute:

Danielle began clarinet at the beginning of this year, but she has/has just about caught up to the year 2 students, so we asked her to play a solo. Just before she walked up she asked me what she should play, but since I don't oversee either her lessons or practice, I wasn't really sure. I did, however, expect her to play something she had worked on in her lessons and could play well. So I was a little surprised when she announced she would play Botany Bay, which she found the music for online fairly recently! That's typical Danielle style though, so I should have known(!), and she played really well.

: :