Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Manurewa Ribbon Day

Hi Again,

On Saturday 12th December, our athletics club held their ribbon day.
It started at 10am. When we got there it was fairly cold, and looked like it would rain. Not to be put off, we started the program.
No, the girls in the 'Urban' tops are not part of the club, Ginni, the one in the green top lives in Whangarei, and had just come down for the day, so she came with Esther(orange), and Ruth(blue), to the ribbon day so she could see Miriama(in club uniform).
And no, i can't remember exactly what events we did.
I did the 100m.
Then discus, and after that Ruth, Esther and Ginni had to go.

Then we had lunch. While i was over near the club rooms it got really windy, and umbrella's went inside out, and 'flew' down the field. Then the rain came, pouring. We and some friends had set up under a gazebo - but roof only type thing, and that started blowing away, Mum and a few others who were sitting under it tried to crouch down while holding the edges of it and keep the rain off everything, and stop it from blowing away.
When the rain stopped, we went over, and everything was drenched. The adults tidied stuff into the cars, while the rest of us carried on with the program.
Hurdles had to be put off until the ground was dry.

Hey Presto, the sun came out - and because Mum, hadn't bothered to bring the sunscreen because it looked like rain, I got sunburnt, and my shoulders blistered. OUCH!!

Anyway, we had all the usual events, then a 4 x 100m relay, including a 'parents' team. Everyone got a lollipop upon completion.

Not long after, a whole lut of grumps [ =) ](us) went home to sit on the computer, etc.
Oh, and umm, the computer did get a little squashed, but it still works. LOL =)

PS: More photo's coming!!!

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