Monday, January 11, 2010

Mum's birthday

Hey Everyone,

Yes, we're back!! I'll catrch up on a few posts, then post about our holliday.

On November 21st, Mum turned 40.

I made roast chicken, with vegies for dinner, and someone (I can't remember who!!) made Apple? Crumble for dessert.
Oh, and I made a Chocolate Mud Cake as a birthday cake, only the oven was on grill, instead of bake, so only the top was cooked, but I iced it, and put candles on it and we sung 'Happy Birthday,' then we ate it with dessert.

Here are some photo's of Mum recieving her pressents.

And her gifts:

Bryce gave her an 'I promise to give you a cellphone lanyard' note,
Diana gave a bar of 'dream' chocolate,
Danielle gave a packet of hankies,
Monique gave a flannel,
Jarrod gave a note promising a candle from Dad's work,
Monique and i gave a 'Chocolate gift basket,' which included a mug, Jarrah 'extreme choc' drinking chocolate, Roses chocolates, plate of her favourite 'Vanilla Choc Chip' biscuits, and a packet of Marshmellows;
Dad gave her a new duvet cover.

I'll get on with the next post now!

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