Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Week Part 1


Monday this week we started school (at home!). It ended up being a full-on day, but still not managing to get all my work done =(

Tuesday was more school, while the others went to Drury Christian School to see if a violin they had was the right size for Monique (it wasn't).
Then going to my 3:30 flute lesson, before getting ready to go to athletics at 5:30.
I only had one friend at athletics that night  [ =( ], as quite a few people were away tramping (I hear they had heaps of fun!). We had Discus, 200m, High Jump (which I skipped), and 800m.

Wednesday the others went over to KBB Music in Epsom while I did school work, oh, and started a cheesecake, and put the dough on for chelsea buns.
Then we went to athletics training that night.



  1. Yep, the tramp was awesome =) haha It's nice to see that you have been updating again =) Thanks for that!!!
    Love Ruth.xo.

  2. lol!
    Yeah it was nice to have time to update! =)
    Your welcome =) or, 8) as Bethany says I should do...!

    <3 Bee