Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Last week...Part 1

Monday last week (24th Jan) was a quiet day at home. (I think we probably played uno, etc!)

On Tuesday we went to the Auckland Museum, uggh (no I don't like museums lol!). It was kinda cool to see the native New Zealand bats though! (for those of you who don't know, I did a lot of study on bats a few years ago, and won 1st = in the Auckland Home Educator's Science and Technology Fair - in the observation category).
And they have four (live) rats in the children's section, which are so cute! One of the volunteers opened their cage while we were there too!!! lol

And that night we had athletics!!! - first night for the second half of the season. My age group (Girls 12+) did 100m, 200m, Discuss and High Jump.
We also found out that one of the coach's - a solo Dad of one son my age - had died earlier that day by electrocuting that kinda put a damper on things.

After athletics Dad took Bethany, another one of my friends - Rebekah, and I to a Cafe in Devonport for supper/dessert, after which we went for a walk along the waterfront.
Lol the cafe served hot chocolate in either a bowl or a glass, I decided to be adventurous and get the bowl! Which, of course, everyone else thought was a great joke. They kept teasing me about a straw not being big enough, and needing a garden hose ...etc...etc...etc...!

Wednesday was another quiet day at home, and that night Dad, Jarrod, Monique, Danielle, Diana and I went to athletics training while Mum took Bethany, Bryce and Maria to church.

Thursday morning we went to church at 11, and 7, and Anne Roos came over in between, while Mum went grocery shopping, and we watched a movie - Letters to Juliet, when the others got home we played uno before a quick dinner.

On Friday we went to the Sonnevelds' (homeschool friends) for afternoon tea. While there we tried target shooting (in the rain!) and yes, talked a lot.
Then it was dinner, and to church with Bethany and Uncle Pete at 7.
On the way back, we picked up the keys for work from Uncle Paul, but he wasn't sure if he had all the right ones, so we came home and got Dad's work keys, dropped me off, then Uncle Pete and Bethany went to work.
I then had to organise ironing..blah blah blah..and eventually got to bed just after midnight.


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