Friday, January 28, 2011

What we've been doing


On Friday we didn't do much..probably read or something =)

But on Friday night we went ice skating!! lol it was really nice not being the worst person there =) ok, ok, I'm not all that bad...even before the lesson I had at the end of term 2 last year...but anyway, I did feel way more confident, and was able to skate faster - and even a little backwards (yes that's something I still haven't got the hang of even though most of my friends can do it...) but anyway.. Bethany picked up a piece of ice to shove down my back, so I skated faster than her so she couldn't catch me..I felt a bit bad when she badly scraped her knees after sliding about 3 feet on them... =(


 On Saturday..umm.. oh that's right! We went to Rotorua, while we were driving Bethany and I had our noses buried in two of Lori Wick's books (the best books ever lol!!!)
When we got down there we picked up ham, rolls, etc.. and had a picnic at some park, which we also walked around - taking lots weird pictures around the hot pools of water and stuff (whatever they're called lol). Oh - and Uncle Pete decided to put his hand in a pool of water that was steaming - even in the rain! lol

Then we went to the info centre, then decided to get a tour of the Moari village Whakarewarewa; where they cook in wooden boxes that are shared with 3 or 4 families (I think!), bathe in communal thermal pools..etc.. yes I'm quite happy living in Auckland! There are guizers or something in the middle of the village too...

After that was Fish and Chips, then off to thermal pools (in the rain!).

 As I don't like swimming much I didn't bother taking togs, so I stood in the rain and took pictures of everyone else instead =)
Eventually I convinced them to get out and we drove home - with my nose buried in a book once again =) apparently I should have watched what was happening outside of the car, as Dad drove around a round-about 3 times or something - which, of course, was attributed to the fact that he had picked up a can of Red Bull from a survo...; and the radio going, kinda annoying cos Uncle Pete and Bethany knew a few of the lyrics, but apart from recognising a song that is often on TV, I didn't really know any =(. Ah well, not the end of the world I suppose.. =)
When we eventually got home, Mum put the others to bed and I fed, etc, the seven guinea pigs I was looking after for the weekend.

was church as usual, then lunch and letting the guinea pigs out for a run (in the 'enclosure's ' I had been given for them), and catching them when they escaped!
church again,
and roast goat when we got home (made by Chef Uncle Pete).
Then Bethany and I talked until

And I'm going to leave it at that for now since Mum wants me to go to bed =( (never something I enjoy doing lol)

Luv Bee


  1. Looking froward in seeing the pics =) haha

  2. lol I'll get there! eventually... lol maybe Monday =) Haha
    Have fun babysitting tomorrow lol =)