Wednesday, January 05, 2011

December 23

Hi Again everyone,

Well, I'm going to start posting about our trip to Wellington with the day before we left.

Mum got the packing for most of the other children done before I got up, then some of us (Danielle and Diana went to our cousins house)  went shopping for the last few gifts, and anything else we needed to get before going away.
When we got home, I wrapped my pressents, and Mum and Dad packed their clothing and picked up to Burtons' 12 seater Nissan Caravan which they had offered to loan us for our trip since we no longer fit in our 8-seater!
Eventually, (and with a lot of help =) ) Mum and Dad decided to get Fish and Chips for dinner (well actually I had 2 Big Ben pies..).
After dinner it was already quite late, so Mum put the children to bed, and I started my packing.
Once we had all the bags packed, Mum put them all in the van, and I directed Monique on how to make lunch for the next day (so we can don't have to stop for lunch, and just eat it in the van), and helped get all the extra bits and pieces and put them in the van. Oh, and I 'helped' Mum decide where everyone should sit.
Monique and Jarrod were sent to bed not long after that (although they weren't very impressed about it!) and Mum went to put Maria to bed while I finished getting all the food, cutlery, etc....that we would need both for the trip down, and for staying in a backpacker hostel.
I got to bed quite late in the end, and probably only had about 4 hours sleep.


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