Friday, April 27, 2012

Botanical Gardens Visit

Diana (6), Bryce (4), Amy (8), and Joanna (5)

On Good Friday, while my Dad and Mr. Sonneveld were away on a father/son camp with Jarrod and Samuel, we invited the rest of the Sonnevelds to go for a walk at the Botanical Gardens with us. I'm not sure when I last went, but I know it was a LONG time ago!

yeah..Ruth and Es pushed the stroller..
thanks btw =)

It was a beautiful (and fairly warm) day, we had an awesome time hanging out...and taking pics...oh and afternoon tea is always good too...!! lol

Nice pic Essie, you could just about be a photographer!

Essie and me...

Another one of Essie's awesome pics!

Diana and Joanna

Essie and Me

Ruth and Me

Ruth, Essie, and me...oops I think the sun was too bright!

Essie, me, Ruth & Laura out the front of the visitor centre

Sorry, just HAD to post this!!!

And this...=D

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