Saturday, April 14, 2012

Danielle's Birthday Party

I organised a birthday party for Danielle this year, which we held on February 23rd.


Pass the Parcel - I did it a bit different this year; as can be seen,
everyone stood in a line and passed it under and over, under and over, etc.

ok this is more of a line..
I actually let them start with one parcel, then after a little
while gave them the second one. hehe before I wrapped the
parcels up  I was worried I didn't have enough 'fillers'!!!

Pressent table, er, desk

Writing a story for the story competiton.
I split everyone into two teams and got them to write
a story about Danielle. They had a 10-minute time limit.
Afterwards they had to read it aloud and Danielle judged them.

Judging the stories

Yeah, we played Twister

In each of these bowls, there is a lolly under the flour.
They each had to get it with only their mouths.
Lol a couple were blowing the flour off before picking the lolly up in their teath!

Flour everywhere...

The Chocolate game!!

One of her pressents

Friends and pressents

Cutting the cake

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