Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Monique's Pressents

Lined up to watch and participate in the
gift-giving ceremony!

We gave Monique her pressents on April 7th. We had planned to do them sooner, but we didn't have many until then, and in fact we still didn't have them all! But one of them had a fast-approaching expiry date, so we couldn't wait any longer! lol

Pressent from Maria (2yrs)

Enthusiastic hug for Diana! (6yrs)

Hug for Mummy...

New handbag

Who doesn't get excited over chocolate? lol
So...she got....a Bubbly chocolate bar (which Bryce had already sampled...but that's another story!), a handbag, mud cake (!) (yeah that's the one I mentioned previously! It worked well for the rest of us, cos we all got to help eat it!!! haha), a gift card to choose her own watch, and SS necklace with CZ, 2 Winnie the Horse Gentler books, chocolate edition Scrabble, horse stickers, and a smiggle mechanical pencil.
And I hadn't manage to find anything I really wanted to give her (as had happened with Danielle), so I gave her an Urban Angel top and a Toblerone, at a later date. =)

That's one great thing about having a higher-than-normal number of children(!), it means more pressents, because everybody gets to give one!!! haha :P

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