Monday, July 23, 2012

Athletics Prizegiving

The most recent athletics season ran from late October 2011 to late March 2012. Prizegiving was held at Clayton Park School on Saturday, May 19th.

Although Laura was born before the end of the season, this was the first time the club had seen her, so she was very popular, to say the least! lol

I helped out again this year, getting the athletes from a certain age group in line, removing from the pile certificates for those athletes not in attendance, walking around the outside of the hall and bringing the group in again through the back entrance next to the stage. When either Terry or Albert was ready (they were presenting the awards), I handed the pile of certificates to him, and went to get the next pile and start the process again! I was pleased we only had a slight drizzle occasionally, otherwise I could have been quite wet!

Essie and I
 Finally it came to my turn. "Bianca Jago: First in . . . {everything}, overall aggregate, total track, total field." [Yeah, I was the only person in my age group! haha] Honestly though, I'm not sure how one is supposed to carry that many trophies at once! :D

I think Diana and I brought home three trophies each . . . we're building quite a collection now!

After all the age groups had their certificates, the other trophies were awarded, i.e. Sportsperson of the year and others.
Once the award ceremony was completely finished, we could all go out the front for sausages, drinks, and ice blocks. It started getting cold and dark, so a few of us came inside to hang out, and were given a chocolate bar each...yummy!

Hanging out afterwards (sorry, I don't have a good pic)
Clockwise: Jarrod, Diana, Suzanne, Esther, Ruth, Monique, me

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