Friday, July 27, 2012

John and Naomi Over For Dinner

Dinner; doesn't it look good? haha

On the 25th of May we had John and Naomi Smith over for dinner.
My siblings had a lot of fun (I forget what they were doing, but they were really loud! haha).
Meanwhile Dad went out for a while, and homeschooling became the topic of discussion for ages!

Talking with John and Naomi


  1. Cool pics! :)

  2. nobody actually knows who this is!

    1. yeah after I posted it I thought ok that's random...but then I was like nah too bad I can't be bothered deleting it...actually I do have a few readers who know them and check the following URL..I *think* I explained who they are there...

    2. Here's the URL by the way..apparently I forgot to copy it before I typed the last comment and then I thought I could just edit it but it seems I can't...