Saturday, May 10, 2014

10 on 10

Those of you who stop by regularly will have noticed that this post is late. Sorry about that. And yes, I have back-dated this post so it will be easy to find in my archives. Admittedly these shots aren't all from the same day; I started snapping on Saturday but never got finished. {Yes, I may have fallen asleep on the couch before getting through my to-do list and then woken up at 1am.}

: : Some cards I made on Friday {partly why I wasn't shooting for this post. Oops} : :

: : And this one gives a better view of the matching envelopes : :

: : Someone talks on a puzzle piece : :
Did you know they make good phones?!

: : My flute : :

: : Sewing time! : :

: : The healthiest cookie recipe ever. Not. :P : :

: : Snow White, anyone? : :
In case you're wondering, my sisters wear this when they swim.

: : Music theory exam booked. Study, here I come! : :

: : My all-time fav cookies ;) : :

: : Abstract or not-so cookies : :
{Are you salivating yet?} haha


  1. Wow, those cookies look yum. Whats in them? Chocolate, Choc chips, some form of crushed peanuts? Sultanas or some form of dried fruit mixture?

  2. Yeah! Umm . . . Three types of choco chips, almonds, and cranberries. The recipe also has walnuts and pecans, but no cranberries. We were short on ingredients last night :/

  3. Ah yep. Yum :) Gorgeous cards by the way :)