Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dad's Birthday

Since Dad's harder to buy for than some, most of us ended up leaving our gift shopping until his actual birthday (oops). Easter fell on his birthday this year though, so hooray Easter sales! {haha}

: : Smiles from Maria : :

: : And Bryce . . . : :
While shopping earlier in the day, I found the shirt Bryce is wearing for $8! And it had a bow tie with it. :) It's actually his new church shirt but he couldn't wait until Sunday to wear it!

: : Boxing gloves from Bryce! : :
We discovered later that these gloves are the same brand as the boxing pads Dad already has! #score

: : Smiles from Diana : :

: : New polo from Monique : :

: : Jarrod and I went shopping together so we ended up doing a joint present: this shirt and a belt : :

: : And a certain puppy we were looking after didn't want to miss out on the fun! : :
Isn't he cute?

: : Plants for his office to combat the fumes from all the office equipment : :

: : And I won't share his age! :P : :

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