Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Danielle's Delight || Story By A Sister

My Treacherous Experience at Work Washing Dishes with the Two Teasing Toms (Uncle Paul and Dad)!

By Danielle Jago

This Wednesday, I went to work. I was soooo excited. Little did I know how many scars I would bring home - emotionally, physically, and teasically (teasing). I went to work, did school, and was fine (for 4 hours!). 

As soon as I was told to hop off the computer, I knew what was coming. "Oh man," I groaned to myself, "I bet the dishes!" 
Sure enough, Teasing Tom number one asked me to do the dishes. "Yes, Dad," I said, ducking. "But do not tease me, okay?" 
"I cannot answer that," replied Dad. I groaned. 2 scars already! 

When I ran the hot water into the sink from the jug, 2 drops landed on my elbow, and scarred me physically. 
The Two Tea-ing Toms laughed. "Hahhahahahahahaha! Can't you even pour the jug?!" Another scar. 4 scars. 3 emotionally and 1 physically. 
I groaned again. "Can't I even get through this?" 

I thought about the future. My life would be spent in bed, not daring to get up for fear I would be laughed at, and when I did get out of bed, I would be smouldering from dishwash liquid, boiling from boiled hot water, and hurting from emotional scars. What a horrible future! 

To help dishwashers like me, go to Thank you.

Danielle's Delight is a "newspaper" my little sister writes in her spare time; it features both fiction and nonfiction original work and isn't published.

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