Saturday, October 04, 2014

Eltham Trip {Day 2 ~ Thursday}

Our first full day in Eltham was pretty relaxing; I read for a while, some of the others explored the camp and saw the manager's family's animals, Nana come for the afternoon, Lucus arrived after school, and finally Uncle Mike joined us for a barbecue dinner. Enjoy the shots below that I captured of {mainly} Bryce and Lucus playing with the rugby ball!

: : I was just trying to get a photo of Bryce holding the ball . . . but then I got this and I love it! Excuse the lens flare :( : :

: : Which is your favourite version? : :

: : Lol his face! : :

: : These two cousins were inseparable! : :

: : Lol seriously? This is just after he's kicked the ball : :

: : Because we live with only the basic necessities when we're on holiday *cough* : :


  1. mmmm bbg sausages. My favourite!! Especially in summer, bread, watties tomato sauce...*sighs* *Drools* lol

  2. hahaha! we had a BBQ on Sat but the weather wasn't very cooperative! :/