Monday, February 06, 2012

Auckland Home Educator's Science Fair

Ok Here's an old post I found saved as a draft, I figured I may as well post it seeing as I'd already done all the work!!

Well on Tuesday the 29th of June (*clears throat* 2010), Jarrod and I had to very quickly finish our science projects so we could take them over to New Lynn for judging that night....unfortunately that made me very tired that night, which isn't exactly helpful when your being judged!
I also had decided to do my experiment WAY to close to fair day, so i didn't have enough time to think through the whole experiment process, AND, i forgot to repeat the experiment a few times to check my results were accurate..but anyway..there's always next time i suppose!

My project was called "How Long" (No, it wasn't anything to do with the song!). It was, however, about how long deodorants can hold their scent when applied to a certain fabric that we had heaps of.
Here's a few pics taken while i was working on it, unfortunately we don't have any of it at the fair

Jarrod's project was something to do with airfoils and how they affect flight on model aircrafts, pics below:

Well anyway, Jarrod and I were judged on the Tuesday night, after which we got home around 9 - 9:30 I think, and Monique had to finish hers off, before we took it in for judging at 9am the next morning!
Monique did a project called "Ponies of the World" for the 'Observational' (as opposed to experimental like Jarrod and I did, or technology - where you design something). She researched various ponies using books, the internet, etc... She also dressed up, and made several props for her display.

We ate lunch throughout the day, as we didn't have much time after prizegiving (which was around midday) [no we didn't get anything!, although I did recieve an email a couple of days later asking if I wanted to do more work on my project and enter it in the Auckland Regional Science Fair, which is for all the schools as well. After much thought I declined as we were very busy around that time] because we had to pack up all of our stuff (of which we had a lot!) and get to my flute lesson in Mangare by 2pm.

All in all, it was a great day, after which we were all ready to relax, but needed to work on our history projects for a couple of days later!
Luv Bee

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