Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ok so November/December I was doing heaps heaps of shopping, right?
Well, this is one particular day I'm blogging about.

First, I went to Manna Christian bookshop - and one of the shop assistants recognised me and said 'hi.'

Later on, I went to eQUIP, and the shop assistant there was like 'Hey, your mum's pregnant, aye? When is she due?' And, ' You haven't got all your sisters with you today!'
I went to a few other places, and then went back when I realised I hadn't used my 50% off voucher (for signing up to their club thingie), to see if she'd honour it (she did! =D). When I got out to the van I looked through my bag from eQUIP, and something was missing, oops! So, for the THIRD time that day I went to eQUIP. When I got there and asked about it, she gave it to me in a bag with a note on it saying something like this: (I was just going to scan the note in but Mum says she chucked it out) :'(

"I have already been paid for,
but my owner left me behind.
(Her name is Bianca) =)"

How's that for being well known?!? lol!

This next scenario is of a slightly different nature =)

We decided to get pizza for dinner, so went to Domino's. I placed the order, and was asked what name it was for, "Bianca," I replied. Then on the screen with order statuses my name came up as "PRIYANKA." Mum didn't even realise it was our order ;-) haha

When I told Dad about the first two scenario's he said I did too much shopping...seriously, though, a teenage girl can NEVER do too much shopping!!!! *grin*

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