Friday, February 10, 2012

No, I don't have a boring life!

Written February 1st, 2012

One Saturday night our family went out for supper, and afterwards Dad decided to take me for a driving lesson. He said we would just head up the motorway a bit (towards the city), and then drive home on the road. Dad wanted to move into the middle lane, which we did, and I think I did ok then, but I hadn’t been on the motorway all that many times, and then only in the left lane. So it was challenging trying to stay where I was supposed to be! Somewhere about now I noticed a cop car when I looked in the rearview mirror; however I didn’t think much of it at the time.

Then we needed to move back to the left lane because our off-ramp was coming up. I’m afraid I didn’t have enough skill for that, then! Coming up to the intersection at the end of the off-ramp, I noticed in my rearview mirror that the cop car was now behind me, lights flashing. I find it hard to believe now, but at the time I still didn’t think anything of it! I mentioned it to Dad, while thinking about where I needed to go next...and I can’t remember what else. Dad then began telling me to pull over. I was horrified; pull over ON YELLOW LINES in front of a cop?!? But I did end up doing so, and somewhere along the way I finally realised that this cop wanted to speak to us!

We were told that someone had rung the police saying there was someone driving slow and weaving on the motorway (I actually don’t remember changing lanes more than twice!), so they’d had to come and check things out. Mine and Dad’s licenses were checked, and the caller spoken to; everything was in order. Last of all we were both breath tested – the ones you actually have to blow into.

It all took FOREVER, but we finally were able to go home (I was getting tired, and had stuff I needed to do at home). I should probably note that the cop ended by saying he hoped I wasn’t too freaked out and ...uh oh I’ve forgotten the rest!

So, you can’t ride a horse until you’ve fallen off, and, just perhaps, you can’t drive a car until you’ve been pulled over?? Haha! =D

Before you ask....I actually didn’t find it scary, believe it or not! I was just like.. “Well, here’s another experience, and something to tell all my friends about!” I have since driven through breath-testing stations twice, and tested once. (Just the name and address one this time lol!)

By Bee (who does, sometimes, have interesting things happen to her!! Haha =D)

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